Client:  Barclays Eagle Labs
Date:  Q2 2019 - Q1 2020
Above:  App Design Concepts and Space Illustrations for the C4DI Hull lab

Integrated Digital Experiences

Please note: Much of this project was completed under a strict contract and I don't have permission to use many of the later designs. I have rebuilt some of the intitial concepts I designed for this page.

Barclays sought to improve the in-person experience within their digital labs and provide a stronger digital presence. I worked with them to develop these ideas and propose a more integrated user experience within the labs, targeting member showcases, scheduling, building navigation, and their use of digital and physical space.

Partnering with some of their lab leads, I worked with them to apply UX design principles to the physical space and worked with their lab members to help direct where work was needed most. In its initial conception this involved mocking up some interior design ideas to help direct the users' attention to the important parts of the space. This was accomplished through the mounting of digital screens that would display relevant information for that area, and could be automated to account for different use cases, such as events, where they would reactively add branded elements throughout the space and direct guests to the correct rooms.

Above:  Concept Renders

Working with the lab members revealed a need for a more coherent booking system and advertising of community events. I created mockups and designs for booking apps and screens that would be mounted on the meeting rooms to display their status and upcoming availability, and an overhauled brand identity that could be fed through to the community events to flag which ones were being provided by the lab to increase the perceived value of their memberships. The content displayed and the copy used here was important as we were striving to create a friendly and relaxed (but still professional) experience for the users. This system was to be copied through to the private offices to allow tenants to showcase their companies and inform visitors about their availability.

The end goal of the project was an integrated digital and physical space that used digital techniques to seamlessly enhance the physical space rather than acting as a barrier. The newly integrated digital hubs would react to the user's presence and utilise ongoing user research to adapt and evolve along with the labs.


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