Client:  Good2Learn Ltd.
Date:  Q1 2017 - Q3 2021
Above:  Behind the scenes of the early production concept phase

Redefining Education

Please note: I only have permission to showcase the earliest content from this project, however I do retain rights to the process flows I developed during the project which can be seen on this page.

Good2Learn approached me with an ambitious vision: to create a comprehensive online supplementary educational resource for school children. Their aim was to support and enhance the existing syllabus, particularly aiding those students who struggle. With partnerships already established with various schools and teaching professionals, the company needed expertise in developing a user-friendly and effective digital product.

My first task was a complete brand overhaul to ensure coherence and clarity across the platform. Emphasising UX principles from the outset was crucial to facilitate subject identification, enabling users to quickly and easily recognise the type of video content they were accessing, thus reducing any potential confusion. A significant focus was placed on accessibility, given our target audience. Our user research indicated a high prevalence of neurodiverse needs, learning difficulties, and attention challenges among the children we aimed to assist. Therefore, integrating accessibility principles throughout the project was essential to cater to the core audience effectively.

Above:  Parts of the project process diagrams

Leading the production team, I guided the development of initial content concepts, collaborating closely with videographers, presenters, and scriptwriters. My goal was to embed a strong user experience philosophy from the beginning, ensuring the content was user-friendly, comprehensible, and consistent. This approach continued through post-production, where I directed the team in crafting an aesthetic style suitable for the target age group while maintaining broader appeal.

Throughout the project, I oversaw a dynamic team of 7 to 13 creatives, not including the presenters. As the creative lead, I was deeply involved in project management, scriptwriting, animation, and directing. I maintained close communication with the client, ensuring their vision was realised while fostering a collaborative environment within my team. It was important to me to work alongside my team, leveraging their strengths and ensuring everyone was in roles where they could excel and express their creativity.

The robust application of UX principles extended to the platform's design system, crucial for integrating the content with online tests that users would complete. This comprehensive approach ensured that all aspects of the online content were coherent and supportive of the overall educational goals, providing a seamless and effective learning experience for children.


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