Smart Heating App Design

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Client: Ideal Heating
Date: 2017
Above: Mockup of a later version using the design system

Pioneering the Ideal home heating systems of the future

Ideal Heating, one of the UK’s leading home heating manufacturers, produces around 400,000 boilers annually, employs 500 staff, and boasts an annual turnover of nearly £290 million. Owned by Groupe Atlantic, a major European player in the HVAC sector, Ideal Heating faced a critical challenge: to meet the growing expectations of customers for energy-efficient, intelligent, and convenient heating systems. While Ideal had an excellent reputation, it needed to embrace smart Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to maintain its position as a market leader and meet increasing customer demands.

Working closely with Sauce Consultants who worked on the technical side of the project, we identified the need for integrated smart heating systems that could be remotely monitored and controlled by customers. This would require an extremely intuitive design as many of the customers would not be used to working with smart heating systems.

I conducted user and competitor research to determine what was the norm for other products on the market, developing a robust design system that would remain applicable over the life cycle of the product. After building a design on top of this system I then went through and simplified everything. The intention here was to provide something simple and easy to use for the customers which could evolve over its lifetime, adding new features and getting the userbase up to speed without scaring them away with huge changes.

The app transformed Ideal’s traditional boilers into cutting-edge smart heating systems, integrating IoT technologies into their business model. The app's advanced features and user-centric design significantly improved customer care and satisfaction.


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