Client: KCOM
Date: Q2 2017
Above: Version 1 design concepts

Seamless Product Evolution

KCOM, a leading telecommunications company based in Kingston Upon Hull, sought to enhance their digital offerings by developing a TV app for displaying their native content. Partnering with Sauce, they aimed to create an intuitive and engaging interface for a new hardware device that connects directly to TVs.

Sauce brought me on board to craft a series of screens that would effectively showcase KCOM's diverse content, particularly within their Sport and Culture sections. This involved working with the team to analyse the user research and feedback regarding the viewing habits of users on their existing content platforms and the identification of pain points and opportunities for improvement.

I worked with the team to generate wireframe concepts and prototypes - the important function here was to create something familiar for the user that we could later iterate upon and evolve into the eventual product. It was important, though, to ensure that the design was both functional and visually appealing throughout the evolution process. It was important to me, too, that we made sure the evolution of the product felt natural and organic to the user, rather than happening in huge leaps which might affect user buy-in for the app.

My work here set the foundation for the future iterations of the product, allowing the company to diversify its content catalogue. My work wasn't just a static version for the app, but a cornerstone of the design system that would allow them to build and grow the product with the company as it aged into its own identity.


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