Pivoting NHS Advice and Guidance

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Client:  NHSx and Kinata Ltd.
Date:  Q4 2019 - Q2 2020

Enhancing Communication in Healthcare

Please note: This project was completed under a strict contract and all design files were held by the client.

Kinata's Advice and Guidance software is used by NHS Foundation Trusts to provide up to date information to healthcare professionals around the country.

Due to my previous experience in both product evolution and the healthcare sector, they reached out to me to help them pivot their product into a more generalised software pitched to transform the way healthcare professionals communicated.

Recognising the need for efficient and effective communication, we designed an agile-friendly process that allowed for rapid iterations and adaptability. This approach ensured that the software could evolve in response to both user feedback and changing requirements within the healthcare sector. Our primary focus was to create a modernised design system that retained a sense of familiarity for long-term users with an aim to minimise the learning curve and promote user engagement.

To achieve this, we conducted extensive user research to understand the needs and preferences of healthcare professionals. Based on these insights, we developed a user-centric interface that facilitated easy navigation and quick access to essential features. The new software included intuitive tools for real-time updates, streamlined messaging, and comprehensive tracking of consultation requests.

Our agile methodology enabled us to continuously refine the system, incorporating user feedback to enhance functionality and user experience. The result was a robust communication platform that not only improved efficiency but also supported the dynamic needs of healthcare providers. This project was underscored by our commitment to leveraging design and technology to solve complex challenges, ultimately contributing to better healthcare outcomes.

The project hit a roadblock when Covid-19 shut many things down. The project was forced to pivot again and was quickly repurposed as a resource management system that would facilitate hospitals in their need to quickly see where the nearest beds were available, contact relevant personnel at the location, and coordinate patient or resource transfers.


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