Hello! I'm a freelance designer based in the UK that focuses on telling interesting stories through design, branding & animation.

Rich Bates

Designer, Storyteller,

I started out in the weird and wonderful world of pro wrestling. Designing marketing materials and building brands with people led me into a marketing company called Studio Kiwi (which you can hear more about by clicking here). I'm now working freelance, consulting and creating for clients internationally. My core passion is in storytelling - in taking your story and working out how we can best tell that story to your audience - whether that is through your branding, in your marketing media, or simply in the way you portray yourself to your clients and customers.

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Logo Design

I approach logo design the same way someone might approach creating a family crest. It should be something you're proud to have represent your business and look great to your customers whilst holding meaning to you.

Identity Creation

Part of the branding process lies in working together to craft the identity and personality that you want your customer to sense when they see your brand. It's not just about what they see, but also what they feel.

App and Web UI and UX

Digital identities are taking over the world; it's important that you keep up with the pack. I've worked with amazing developers to help create impactful designs with user experience at the forefront of the process.


Sometimes, you need someone to sit and walk you through the process a step at a time. Consultation is a large part of my work with companies, where I use my experience to offer unique insights into their projects.

Print Design

The digital age is very much upon us but print is still fighting away to maintain a place at the table. Sometimes it's nice to just hold something tangible in your hands. It's even nicer when it looks good, too.


Design should use your senses and allow you to truly feel it; the way it moves, and how it all works cohesively. Animation allows me to unlock the potential of a design and showcase it in the best light.

My Favourite Projects

Sauce Consultants

Branding, Consultation

NFire Labs

Branding, Marketing, Kickstarter

British Wrestling

Design, Marketing, Kicking People in the Face

People Say

I'm not very good at complimenting myself and my work. I constantly worry that I need to do better. I'm not a salesman; I'm just a designer. As such, I suck at selling myself... so I asked some clients what they thought, instead.

  • Branding, Web Design, App UI - TX Ops

    He is a brilliant designer who can adapt to different target audiences and he always surprises us with the results. He’s also a lovely guy to work with, genuine, with a polite engaging manner which means he is brilliant at managing pesky clients like me who keep wanting to add more and more and break things. James Horspool - Managing Director

  • Kicking People in the Face - British Wrestling

    Boo! Leave him alone! Stop hurting him! Random lady - Front row

  • Branding, Web Design, App UI - TX Ops

    Rich has a real creative flair using digital technologies. He’s designed our App UI, brand logos, and website and has done a brilliant job with all of it. He always produces spectacular results which are on the money in terms of the brief and turns them round so quickly. James Horspool - Managing Director

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