I do what I love...

Studio Kiwi.

With Kiwi, I developed my skills and reputation as a designer that was kicking ass and taking names all over the country (more on that, here).

My work involved making things look totally kickass, building promotional websites using HTML and CSS, building upon my skills in digital marketing, and creating a great network of happy clients and peers. Most importantly, I got to talk about cats, like, all the time. It was pretty sweet.

...and I do it well.

The brand strategy I crafted was something that got Kiwi recognised nationally and allowed the small company to compete with two of the biggest agencies in the area during the 2015 Digital Awards, narrowly missing out on the win. However, two of the other projects I worked on in that time went on to win awards of their own.

The competition were much bigger than Kiwi and sure enough, we got our ass kicked; but out of the hundreds of design companies in the area, my work placed us firmly at number two. When you're working at a level where you find yourself in competition with the equivalent of Mike Tyson*, you must be doing something right.

*Note: I didn't actually take on Mike Tyson. Though, I'm pretty confident stating that, if you put me and him head to head in a design competition, I'd out-design him 99.9% of the time. Southpaw: Better than Mike Tyson. You can-... You can write that down in the history books.

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