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Puma Bitumen.

As part of the Paving the Way project, where I produced a 36 page brochure, I had to produce a series of ads that would promote their sponsors, many of which had to be sent to the company to be vetted by their respective marketing teams.

For Puma Bitumen, I drew upon their existing marketing materials to produce an A4 ad space that promoted their services within brand whilst concisely explaining the services which they offer.

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    Trailblazing with flightless birds.

    I worked extremely closely with Studio Kiwi for a little under two years. My work involved making things look totally kickass, branding the shit out of clients and totally sweet graphic design services and consultation. I also dabbled with creating promotional websites, copywriting, and building a great network of happy clients and peers. Most importantly, I got to talk about cats and comic books, like, all the time. It was pretty sweet.

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    Rethinking education for children aged 10-12

    Working closely with the Good2Learn team, @ryanananimator and I headed up the production department, overseeing the script writing, filming process, coaching, post-production, animation, and (of course) the design, to help get the young company up and running.

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