I do what I love...

TTRPGs on Twitch.

During the pandemic I began work with a group of people wanting to up the production value of the TTRPG shows streamed live on Twitch.

This required a complete rethink of how the shows were put out there - rather than a bunch of friends sitting around and playing games, they wanted to create a sense that these shows were professionally produced. My part in this was creating show trailers and intros to help set the tone of the shows, and create striking overlays to maintain the attention of the audience.

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    Trailblazing with flightless birds.

    I worked extremely closely with Studio Kiwi for a little under two years. My work involved making things look totally kickass, branding the shit out of clients and totally sweet graphic design services and consultation. I also dabbled with creating promotional websites, copywriting, and building a great network of happy clients and peers. Most importantly, I got to talk about cats and comic books, like, all the time. It was pretty sweet.

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